Tales From Thermopylae: A Beautiful Lie

Inspiration from V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and Beautiful Lie by Hans Zimmer.
For the best experience, read the poem with Zimmer's song in background.
I remember that then rare rainy day
I was walking my mother across the avenue
I don’t expect you to have noticed
But it was the first time I saw you.
Tell me what you did feel from up there though
A united people braving the downpour together?
Or a mess of mindless insects
On funeral day, running helter skelter?
Was it the balance you bore with such ardour?
Or was it sword you held up high?
Perhaps the fact that you were blind
The symbolism just caught my eye.
Don’t dismiss it as mere infatuation
But I think I had fallen in love with you
It was an unusual type of admiration
“Mum, what is that statue?”
“That’s Lady Justine my boy
She looks out for all of us
Blinded by Father himself
Fair justice is served thus.”
Then in my heart, a mission was etched
Little did I know that it was all a beautiful lie
I was staring at you from under the umbrella
As if I’d just seen Superman soar across the sky.
So I trained throughout my teens to join your troops
To spread ‘Justine’s cause’ far and loud
I had earned my badge and Beretta
My mother was proud.
Do you remember your hand in mine?
As we stargazed into the silence of peace
I didn’t notice the jack booted man in the shadows
For lost in a dream I was and hoped that it wouldn’t cease.
But then the cracks of corruption were exposed
In their so called transparent world orders
The rage of rebellion came to claim the entire castle
But it was turned into a pile of cadavers.
Forced to choose my allegiance in this one sided war
Our patrols turned into predatory raids
The batons into stun guns and whips
Shamelessly, we played the innocent victim under our riot shield’s shade.
The storm rose and my comrades were brainwashed ready
They would now kill for their puppet master
My moral compass kept me grounded
But it’s needle grew stiffer and stiffer.
I could feel the puppet strings tug at my will
But they’d grow slack from my struggle
And then they snapped all at once
When I found my mother’s body under the rubble.
She must’ve been proud.
I saw your law for what it truly was
Lacerated by your sword like the skies on that rainy day
Pouring the dirty decadence
Trying to wash us all away.
I should’ve known you were only a symbol
A mascot for the mindless masses
You promised us a plaugeless Paradise
Only to lead us to a chamber of gases.
Can you see the ugly truth through your blindness?
Can you not hear people’s painful screams?
Or are you deaf as well?
Maybe too engaged in your sadistic schemes.
So I chucked my badge onto a frozen lake
And set myself on fire
Didn’t want to be part of your government’s game
But something didn’t want me gone
Something made me not perish to the flame
Someone needed me, a Phoenix reborn.
Now I stand in be middle of a common snowy day
The sudden hail buffets me across the avenue
It took you so long to notice
This is the last time I’ll be seeing you.
I would’ve faced your empire alone
If that’s what it takes
But just like you, I’ve found someone else
So looks like that’s not the case.
Actually, she found me
Pulled me out of my cowardly plasma
She licked away the ashes and she fanned
The embers with my mother’s tattered umbrella.
Don’t pretend like you’re not surprised
Don’t pretend like you don’t remember her face
You may have had her sent to the asylum
But your pedestal is her rightful place.
Scoff all you want at her cleavy corset
Judge heavily, her knowing pout
At least she’s what she is, no secrets
I’ll still never know what your innocent robes are about.
I may not command an android army
But I have her.
Justine, take off your blindfold
And look at your estranged sister
Say hello
Say hello to Anastasia.
Isn’t she beautiful?

Tales From Thermopylae: Orbit

Inspiration from Sentimental and Fear of A Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree.
As the city’s dust weighs down on me
A myriad of smells transcending absurdity
Forced inside the next mall that I see
A storm shelter for a reluctant refugee.
Inside, it’s an entirely different world
You’ll see such a diverse populace
Three minutes in and I’m questioning myself
Do I really belong?
Can’t see four feet in front of me
Is this kind of crowd really necessary?
Should’ve gone to the city library
Be getting peace of mind for free.
Glorious garbage selling on the front shelves
Infecting the weak minds that pass by
It says ‘bestseller’, so it must be good right?
It’s alright, I’ll force myself to read it.
The stuff that I want, thrown away by decree
I walk on, sighing at reality
Art doesn’t need any kind of pity
What it deserves is immortality.
A new coffee store has just opened
All the zombies flock over there
What if a bomb were to go off?
How different is it from bug bait?
Three girls on a shopping spree
One of them knows she doesn’t fit in the Trinity
But anyhow, in the end she’ll agree
She wouldn’t dare defy her queen bee.
I’m staring at the pseudo smart architecture
There’s thoughtful lines and hidden curves
But compromised plans of the poor builder
To keep his frail fortress afloat on the mainstream.
Downstairs, there arrived a celebrity
He’s pretending to be in a Gucci confirmed hurry
A stampede towards predictable philosophy
A crippled woman’s dying breath doesn’t agree.
A couple kissing on the escalator
Middle of the day, with a bag so heavy
I wonder what he told his mum
I wonder what he told his (real) girlfriend.
Why do I feel the itch of insecurity?
My ego wouldn’t let me feel any sort of envy
Why is she so proud of her hickey?
Sex is just distraction, not depravity.
A bunch of stoneys shoplifting stores
Others swiping away their worried parents’ cards
Buying booze and supplies for the night
“Do we just crash here, guys?”
Why do these people interest me?
Is it the subject of psychology?
Or am I tired of feeling for gravity?
Maybe I really am that lonely.
Could have I been one of them?
Or is the path that I chose any different?
Do I know my way at all?
I shrug it off but it still matters.
As the carbon dioxide weighs down on me
A horde of humans and their lost identity
Forced outside through the first exit that I see
I move a little more easily
For all that judging made me feel a little hollow and empty.