Inspiration from Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree.
The sun rises and the music starts
My mother spills out all her worries
Under the guise of a morning prayer
Just like the stale porridge everyday.
I brush the half I hear aside
I throw the half I can’t eat aside
I can take care of myself
You take care of your cooking.
I feel a little loose today
A little dangerously desperate
Insipidly ready for inspiration
I’ll take any muse that I can exploit eagerly.
And that’s when my gaze catches your stride
A majestic mannequin with an erotic twist
The music syncs to the sound of your stilettos
The hill begins and so does my descent.
So glad that you walked into my web
I’ll tie up your waxy arms and lovely legs
Lonely spider, I’m having too much fun
I probably won’t see you struggle.
As I tail you through the trees
Still under the cover of curiosity
I don’t know how a set of lips feels
It could burn me but I’ll be free.
I’m malfunctioning as I move faster
My morale just took a hit
And all my urges are bleeding out
Strip down and tie a tourniquet.
You bite your lip, but out of fear
Your wet hair sways to the music I hear
I catch a glimpse of your perfect eyeliner
Just need to unravel the layers.
I got you cornered as you fall against a bush
Peel apart the skin, undo the trivial tangles
I need to see your soul naked
Only a collectors chance to drill into your eyes
But I only find leaking tears that absorbed a mother’s worry.
Chapstick taste leaves my mouth
As I’m greeted by poignant porridge
The music stops
As I’m swept away by my mother’s morning prayer.
I push away
I look away
At the thrown away masks and the outfits
That led me so far astray
The music resumes and
My libido laments but
My mind’s recess rejoices,
Like a child popping bubbles.
You let out a sigh
I walk away.