The Oracle Workers

Inspiration from Perfect Life by Steven Wilson.
There was a time when I wasn’t alone
The spring of 2003 was harsher than winter
It didn’t help with my terminal sickness
So I ran to the woods to capture beetles
That’s when I first saw him.
Light shone through a canopy to reveal
He had taken a fall, wings clipped
He was a runaway too, from what only God knew
His pale, unfeeling face betrayed nothing
But he needed my help.
So I helped him to my basement and set his bones
He refused to speak, like a cold booted computer
But he showed me his Walkman playlist
And I read him some of my favorite poems
I had found a friend that I never had.
Our worlds encountered.
He lived alone, no family, no friends
His house as big as his heart
For he gave me a bicycle that my stepmother denied
I still remember the ring of it’s bell against the breeze.
He’d see me off at school
And disappear into an unknown world
But always back in time to save me from the bullies
We’d fight them off as a team, screaming movie lines
I had found a brother that I never had.
Me and him against the world.
On Halloween, we’d dress up as flawed versions of ourselves
And visit the lonely meadow
To see the fireflies dance in the cold night air
His voice echoes in my ears:
“The sky is a hoaxed stage and the stars are actors
These bugs are the real deal. Like us.”
At fort Rubicoin, we showed each other our scars
He’d pretend his were permanent, for my sake
Then, we forced an incompatible connect
It was definition of my existence, it was flawed, it was perfect.
I had found a lover that I never had.
Our worlds finally one.
After I was blinded enough by his light
He gradually began fading away
Like the face on my damp bedroom wall
Like a rabbit whose burrow grew smaller and smaller
Before returning away into the Earth.
His house was sold and the fort, taken down
The jays couldn’t remember his whistle
And I couldn’t remember his name or his face
Maybe it was a side effect of my sickness
Fading blue eyes, distant train
And here I am in the woods
Lost in the very place I found him.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Among all the mutated curses
You were the one sole blessing
Among all our foolish lies of the future
Was there one sole truth?
No matter how painful
Carve me a smile
No matter how hard
Churn me a miracle.

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