Anghellic Pt 2- The Snow

Inspiration from Lips Of Ashes by Porcupine Tree.

Carrying you through cold moonlight

Blood filling up my footsteps in the snow

A foreshadow trailing me

Your heartbeat slowing fast.

I dig deeper into your pale skin

As if afraid to let go

A hidden urge leading me

Your black eyes leaking the past.

Empty barn in the middle of nowhere

I lay you gently on my jacket

A chapel bell tolls somewhere

This night isn’t what I had in mind.

Rust replaces your scent

This dead stop that we’re at

I know I should lament

But my nerves sing with an evil energy.

Known you longer than you can imagine

Your life so chaotic

You saw a distraction in me

I saw a much needed narcotic.

You look so pretty as you sleep

In the white, ageless and trapped

Invite me into your dream

Tie a string that will never snap.

You try to speak with parted lips

But the words leave through your wounds

Did you ask for a last dance?

You always said I was a good listener.

Worked out every situation you can imagine

But not a crash this chaotic

Hush, I’m trying to work out a way

To make your end a little erotic.

You’ve exhausted yourself with this world

It’s time to slow down

Feel the slow burn of my chest against yours

You’ve ran enough, it’s time for a promenade.

The ravens signal a snow storm

Eyeliner and blood paints your face

Just take my hand

Let’s complete this unholy embrace.

. . . . . . . . . . .

A hundred questions, I can’t imagine

Am I a being so chaotic?

I’ve lost you, I’ve found a side to myself

Can’t decide which is more tragic.

The sun shines

On your sequined tress

My fangs retract

Off this tangled mess.

Did we stand a chance?

Doesn’t matter, the string has snapped

What could we have become?

I guess I’ll never know

What have I become?

Some kind of monster in the snow.




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