Dance of Greed

A castle among the mountains
Unto night, and the royal dance begins
Aristocrats come to disremember their sins.
They dance in shiny swan like robes
Hiding, the hide of esurient beasts within
Reverb of snarls, as they flatter their kin.
A gust of ominous wind, their masks falling
Reptilian eyes that betray
The order they long portrayed.
In the shadowlurk, with his crescent moon scythe
He lands, observant with luminol eyes
Revenge in an elemental guise.
Disembody, he embodies
Malice, in its purest form
Arrival here to fuel a bloodstorm.
Through a voice from the walls, he proposed
A contest to push their so called wisdom
Victor will be presented with the keys to the kingdom.
So the games of the mind commenced
But their carnal calls wouldn’t negotiate
And the beasts unleashed to escalate.
Pulling out their emerald hilted blades
Slashing with one hand, covering their true face
While he whispered to them from candlelit hallways.
Metal sinking into rubenesque bodies
Dark secrets so grotesque, out they spill
Perched high on a chandelier, he writes a story with a magic quill.
Beastlike, they try to slay themselves
As he watches the dance of greed unfold
Scream chorus unrelenting, ringing long into the nighthold.
The Sun brings its rays but no acceptance yet
Lilies and cambric reflect their crimson stains
In his orb like eyes, the figure of the one that remains.
Breathless demands for a prize
He looks down and says with a raspy voice
“Look at thy hands, for wherein lie the keys. The keys to thy kingdom come.”
The emotion changing on a scornful face
Shifting shades of rouge on tainted hands for generations
Color drain, last strain, and the lord falls.
Last looks, a violent vista
The tower collapsing on itself
Spread his wings, and lift off with the morning breeze
Leaving behind a black feather at the scene
Like a signature
On a painting, to inspire.

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