Dance of Greed

A castle among the mountains
Unto night, and the royal dance begins
Aristocrats come to disremember their sins.
They dance in shiny swan like robes
Hiding, the hide of esurient beasts within
Reverb of snarls, as they flatter their kin.
A gust of ominous wind, their masks falling
Reptilian eyes that betray
The order they long portrayed.
In the shadowlurk, with his crescent moon scythe
He lands, observant with luminol eyes
Revenge in an elemental guise.
Disembody, he embodies
Malice, in its purest form
Arrival here to fuel a bloodstorm.
Through a voice from the walls, he proposed
A contest to push their so called wisdom
Victor will be presented with the keys to the kingdom.
So the games of the mind commenced
But their carnal calls wouldn’t negotiate
And the beasts unleashed to escalate.
Pulling out their emerald hilted blades
Slashing with one hand, covering their true face
While he whispered to them from candlelit hallways.
Metal sinking into rubenesque bodies
Dark secrets so grotesque, out they spill
Perched high on a chandelier, he writes a story with a magic quill.
Beastlike, they try to slay themselves
As he watches the dance of greed unfold
Scream chorus unrelenting, ringing long into the nighthold.
The Sun brings its rays but no acceptance yet
Lilies and cambric reflect their crimson stains
In his orb like eyes, the figure of the one that remains.
Breathless demands for a prize
He looks down and says with a raspy voice
“Look at thy hands, for wherein lie the keys. The keys to thy kingdom come.”
The emotion changing on a scornful face
Shifting shades of rouge on tainted hands for generations
Color drain, last strain, and the lord falls.
Last looks, a violent vista
The tower collapsing on itself
Spread his wings, and lift off with the morning breeze
Leaving behind a black feather at the scene
Like a signature
On a painting, to inspire.


||6:00 pm||
I stare at your ivory coma
I talk to you just like any other day
In school I sat alone, but
Once you wake, we can go out and play.
I pull out the polaroids of you
And place them next to our old pictures
We’re both ghosts, faded out of the frame
It’s just our secret lake of tinctures, now.–
I take hold of your still hand
Can you remind me of my role?
Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time
I have you safe in my soul.
||9:00 pm||
Painting your lifeless statue, I try to
Guess your birthmarks and scars
Your skin was softer than this
Or have I become too numb?
I playback your voice on tape
Extrapolate your entire vocal range
I can make you say things you never said
Make you sing me a lullaby.
I start programming your face
Surgical detail, your hair’s finest strands
Expressions that you didn’t show or know
I have them all memorized on my hands.
||12 midnight||
Seductive stimulus input, body twitch output
A recursion of our time in the bus
Learn deep, full control now
I can see, five minutes into the future.
Turn you off, turn you on
Dear reflector, don’t you worry
Your body, I have it all complied
An algorithm for this abstract allegory.
Finishing touch, bugs and glitches died, ribbon tied
Transcode, our time in the rain
The aggregate of all your being
I have it backed up in my brain.
command> run Pygmalion.prog;

process> Initiating first neural transfer...

process> Commencing personality download...

process> Running artificial intelligence unit...

result> Script successful in 1.34s at 12:45:32 am

command> call OpenEyes.func;

process> Invoking function from global package...

result> WARNING- FATAL ERROR: Function parameter package Summer2009.util 
and entity PTart.obj are just fiction. Run anyway? Y/N

command> Y

result> 62 errors and morphological faults found:

l8.c15, l10.c15, l12.c11, l15.c21, l24.c30

Script failed in 0.00s at 1:37:43 am

command> exit;

command> backup Pygmalion.prog, restore PygmalionB.prog;

result> Data retrieval unsuccessful

notice> Command line behaving abnormally, abort from workspace? Y/N

command> N, rewire System;

notice> WARNING: System state unstable. Rebooting now...

command> exit; 
command> exit;
command> exit; 
command> exit; 
command> exit; 
command> exit; 
command> exit; 
command> exit;
notice> Rebooting unconditionally in 3..... 2..... 1.....

Pleasure working with you. 

01010100 01101000 01100101 01110010 
01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 
00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 
01100010 01110101 01101110 01101110 
01111001 00100000 01101111 01101110 
00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 
00100000 01101101 01101111 01101111 

Words and concept: CA
Artwork: TR
Inspiration: The Start of Something Beautiful by Porcupine Tree

The Black Butterfly

Inspiration from Black Dahlia by Porcupine Tree.
A nightmare just before dawn
There’s no warmth that I can hold
In the winter, time slows down
The second’s hand shivering from the cold.
I can see the dark of the moon
Or is it my reflection, the blinds unfold
Is it morning already, my dear crows
My sun must’ve gone cold.
The water cuts me like the rain
The heart you drew on my hand
Finally washes away after many cold baths
But the blood on my chest is here to stay.
I stand outside your room
Thought we could talk over a cup of coffee
A black butterfly taped to the door
“She’s all grown up” it reminds me.
It’s funny how I still call it the living room
Sings of struggle, the result of a fight
Without make up, your face was blue
Without oxygen, my cigarette won’t light.
A scenery in the calendar I can never visit
I haven’t touched it since that day
Your birthday marker is fading away
But the splashes of blood, here to stay.
Your pending homework and patterned bruises, I couldn’t solve them
No matter how hard I try
You see, mama never went to school
Your father was smarter than I.
Your cryptic poem in my hand
I just couldn’t interpret or decipher
Your father told me, “Stick to shopping lists
I will take care of her.”
After that, my memory is a mess
Your muddy footprints on the floor
I can wash them away
But the two streams of blood, are here to stay
I can’t tell which one is yours.
The men in white, they gave me a new home
Your name was all I uttered, day after day
They let me play the music you liked
They told me your father took you away.
I stand outside your room
Thought we could talk over a cup of tea
A black butterfly fallen on the floor
“Can you pick me up?” it asks me.


Inspiration from Shesmovedon by Porcupine Tree and Pain by Blackfield.
Her light leaking out of a keyhole
Do I ignore or do I investigate?
I’ll be an unwelcome voyeur
But I feel the pull of a familiar force.
I try to follow her twisted arabesque
There’s no pattern, no retrace
Turning heads, her own gravity
Suddenly, she’s the center of the universe.
Her sound leaking out of a shell
I put up an ever eager ear
Conversations we never had
Among songs that I can’t decipher.
Her fascinations atop the waves
Crash down on delicate designs that we drew
Hidden among the lines on the sand
Like the winter sunset, she slithers away too soon.
Her scent reeking out of discarded books
Insignificant insect, I’m trapped in the pages
Like all the other moths to your flame
I’m no different from them, am I?
There is something underneath the words
A sign, a symbol or a clue
The plot thickens as I loosen my grip
The pages torn, our story obscured from my view.
Her soul leaking out of a mental picture
It’s all I have of her and it’s fading
Except the eyes, they won’t leave
Like windows they open as I close my own.
I follow the temporary trail of your shed skin
All the old crazes, old dreams and old friends
You’re a changing chameleon, but I’ll still recognize
I’m a withered wallflower but you won’t realize.
She walks a clear path of snow
Leaving glowing footsteps that
Losers like I can follow
I try to connect the dots while I wait
She’s everywhere but not here in my fate
And I’ve got nowhere else to go.
I’m watched you leave through the door
She won’t remember you
I’m standing on the sea shore
She just isn’t there
I’m melting away like a candle in the rain
She doesn’t care
I’m stuck in a jar and I’m going insane
She is long gone
I’m captured in a stranger’s eyes forever
Alas, she’s moved on.

Anghellic Pt 2- The Snow

Inspiration from Lips Of Ashes by Porcupine Tree.

Carrying you through cold moonlight

Blood filling up my footsteps in the snow

A foreshadow trailing me

Your heartbeat slowing fast.

I dig deeper into your pale skin

As if afraid to let go

A hidden urge leading me

Your black eyes leaking the past.

Empty barn in the middle of nowhere

I lay you gently on my jacket

A chapel bell tolls somewhere

This night isn’t what I had in mind.

Rust replaces your scent

This dead stop that we’re at

I know I should lament

But my nerves sing with an evil energy.

Known you longer than you can imagine

Your life so chaotic

You saw a distraction in me

I saw a much needed narcotic.

You look so pretty as you sleep

In the white, ageless and trapped

Invite me into your dream

Tie a string that will never snap.

You try to speak with parted lips

But the words leave through your wounds

Did you ask for a last dance?

You always said I was a good listener.

Worked out every situation you can imagine

But not a crash this chaotic

Hush, I’m trying to work out a way

To make your end a little erotic.

You’ve exhausted yourself with this world

It’s time to slow down

Feel the slow burn of my chest against yours

You’ve ran enough, it’s time for a promenade.

The ravens signal a snow storm

Eyeliner and blood paints your face

Just take my hand

Let’s complete this unholy embrace.

. . . . . . . . . . .

A hundred questions, I can’t imagine

Am I a being so chaotic?

I’ve lost you, I’ve found a side to myself

Can’t decide which is more tragic.

The sun shines

On your sequined tress

My fangs retract

Off this tangled mess.

Did we stand a chance?

Doesn’t matter, the string has snapped

What could we have become?

I guess I’ll never know

What have I become?

Some kind of monster in the snow.



The Oracle Workers

Inspiration from Perfect Life by Steven Wilson.
There was a time when I wasn’t alone
The spring of 2003 was harsher than winter
It didn’t help with my terminal sickness
So I ran to the woods to capture beetles
That’s when I first saw him.
Light shone through a canopy to reveal
He had taken a fall, wings clipped
He was a runaway too, from what only God knew
His pale, unfeeling face betrayed nothing
But he needed my help.
So I helped him to my basement and set his bones
He refused to speak, like a cold booted computer
But he showed me his Walkman playlist
And I read him some of my favorite poems
I had found a friend that I never had.
Our worlds encountered.
He lived alone, no family, no friends
His house as big as his heart
For he gave me a bicycle that my stepmother denied
I still remember the ring of it’s bell against the breeze.
He’d see me off at school
And disappear into an unknown world
But always back in time to save me from the bullies
We’d fight them off as a team, screaming movie lines
I had found a brother that I never had.
Me and him against the world.
On Halloween, we’d dress up as flawed versions of ourselves
And visit the lonely meadow
To see the fireflies dance in the cold night air
His voice echoes in my ears:
“The sky is a hoaxed stage and the stars are actors
These bugs are the real deal. Like us.”
At fort Rubicoin, we showed each other our scars
He’d pretend his were permanent, for my sake
Then, we forced an incompatible connect
It was definition of my existence, it was flawed, it was perfect.
I had found a lover that I never had.
Our worlds finally one.
After I was blinded enough by his light
He gradually began fading away
Like the face on my damp bedroom wall
Like a rabbit whose burrow grew smaller and smaller
Before returning away into the Earth.
His house was sold and the fort, taken down
The jays couldn’t remember his whistle
And I couldn’t remember his name or his face
Maybe it was a side effect of my sickness
Fading blue eyes, distant train
And here I am in the woods
Lost in the very place I found him.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Among all the mutated curses
You were the one sole blessing
Among all our foolish lies of the future
Was there one sole truth?
No matter how painful
Carve me a smile
No matter how hard
Churn me a miracle.



I’ve finally found you, my queen

Tie me up so I don’t try to leave

Lead me to your dungeons below

Occlude me from the Sun’s glow.

I know I shouldn’t be here

I couldn’t swim against the current

So lost in the undertow I was

Your siren song was my only lighthouse.

I watch you wear your armor

As you deprive me of mine

The wrinkles of leather against your perfect curves

Enlighten some energy into numbest nerves.

Interrogate me and question what I am

I daren’t lie nor hide for

The electric hands on my chest

“Your whimpers will make the perfect intro.”

I know I should probably leave but

Our eyes have us bound like a rope

Queen, you’re my only escape

I hope that you can reciprocate.

A sadistic song from the gramophone

Goddess, you have two heads and four hands

I try to synchronize to your sway

As you choose an instrument from your tray.

Tie me up to the chair

Tighten the straps till I’m pale

Nail me down to the bed

Keep pumping till I’m light in the head.

Liberate me of my vision

Stiffen up my remaining senses

Inject your secrets, pierce my skin

Punish me Goddess, for I have sinned.

I’m caged, so I won’t complain

I’m enjoying this too much to object

I’m defenseless, make your move

Oh Queen, I bow only to you.

I can’t keep up with your tantalizing tease

Scold me for every failed attempt

Whisper with the smoke in my ear

And let me feel your cigarette’s sear.

Let the blood flow, let the salt flow

Leave me hanging from the edge

Deny me the permission to relapse

You can be the cause of my collapse.

I can feel the scorch of your smile from beneath the blindfold

Your sharp words dig deeper

Whip me till I’m tame

“Your screams make the perfect interlude.”

Brand me a slave, oh alpha apsara

So I can always be yours

I’m exposed on this side, pick up the iron

Oh mistress, I answer only to you.

I dance to your throbbing tune of dominance

Don’t hold back, let it dissipate

Impose your will, compose the end

“Your sigh will make the perfect outro.”

. . . . . . . .
Waking up from a withdrawl

Why did you leave me in the dark?

A new set of scars to hide from my mother

What did you do to me?

I can feel it in my veins

An unfeeling urge for another dose

I can’t salvage enough satisfaction

Should I come looking for you?

Or should I just wait?

Either way, I’ll fade away

But I’d rather let you take me apart

Just say my name and claim my heart

Oh, my mistress, I’d die only for you.



Every Brain Is Wired

Inspiration from Every Home Is Wired and Radioactive Toy by Porcupine Tree.

The alarm shock wave wakes me

I thought I saw my wife but no

The chip in my brain activates

Invisible strings get me on my feet.

In the shower, I recall last night’s dream

Wasn’t sweet, nor a nightmare

Instead, a timetable of today’s routine

My cortex in a cage, lump in throat.

A set of prison clothes

And the tatters of my wife’s scarf

(The only thing that I managed to salvage)

What color should I wear: black or white?

I let the electronics elect.

The cold breakfast is a little bitter

The pack reads “Amber Waffles” but

My tongue screams amphetamines

A curse in my mouth, lump in throat.

I almost say “Honey, I’m off to work!”

Before remembering that I live alone

In the company of spiders of course

Because every wall is bugged.

The winter air is a little dusty

The signs say it’s pure but

My lungs somehow don’t agree

A weight in my chest, lump in throat.

I see the arrest (assault) of an abberrant

My emotional overrides force a smile

“Don’t worry, we can be pals

After your lobotomy.”

My ears glitch to hear a cricket’s tune

Pardon me, it was only my Geiger

A virus called nostalgia just quarantined (quelled)

A song stuck, lump in throat.

A queue (quarrel) for a solitary ray of sun

We lost the ozone skyline but

We have the blinds of mushroom clouds

That’s the government’s explanation (excuse).

The city looks so different from a distance

Factories as far as the fog (smog) goes

There’s no room for your castles

Imagination ignored, lump in throat.

I enter the hive

An interwoven web of zombies

A conveyor belt of babies

My labor is to label them for life.

Slave, Soldier and Sadist to the terminal

Musician, Marxist and Mother to the trash

Programmers hardwire their new future

Conscience on the collapse, lump in throat.

I almost say “Honey I’m back!”

Before remembering the raid

By the courtesy of snakes of course

Because every house was wiped.

Suddenly, the sofa’s a gurney

Heading to the TV for my

Recreative cranial reformative surgery

The signals are the scalpels

Avant-garde music is the anesthesia.

I break free from the straps

Security on red alert

All the filters and the barriers bypassed

I’m taken back at least 30 years.

I stumble to my wardrobe

There lie the tatters of my wife’s scarf

(The only thing that managed to bear the ravage)

Only it deserves to become my noose

My heart in my throat, a lump in my throat.

Honey, I’m finally coming to you

Prepare the kids to brace for a surprise

Your voice is fading in and out of focus

Just hit the killswitch

Hanna, just pull the plug please.

. . . . .

The defibrillator shock wave wakes me

I thought I saw my wife but no

The failsafe in my brain had kicked in

I should’ve known that

Every brain is wired.




Inspiration from Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree.
The sun rises and the music starts
My mother spills out all her worries
Under the guise of a morning prayer
Just like the stale porridge everyday.
I brush the half I hear aside
I throw the half I can’t eat aside
I can take care of myself
You take care of your cooking.
I feel a little loose today
A little dangerously desperate
Insipidly ready for inspiration
I’ll take any muse that I can exploit eagerly.
And that’s when my gaze catches your stride
A majestic mannequin with an erotic twist
The music syncs to the sound of your stilettos
The hill begins and so does my descent.
So glad that you walked into my web
I’ll tie up your waxy arms and lovely legs
Lonely spider, I’m having too much fun
I probably won’t see you struggle.
As I tail you through the trees
Still under the cover of curiosity
I don’t know how a set of lips feels
It could burn me but I’ll be free.
I’m malfunctioning as I move faster
My morale just took a hit
And all my urges are bleeding out
Strip down and tie a tourniquet.
You bite your lip, but out of fear
Your wet hair sways to the music I hear
I catch a glimpse of your perfect eyeliner
Just need to unravel the layers.
I got you cornered as you fall against a bush
Peel apart the skin, undo the trivial tangles
I need to see your soul naked
Only a collectors chance to drill into your eyes
But I only find leaking tears that absorbed a mother’s worry.
Chapstick taste leaves my mouth
As I’m greeted by poignant porridge
The music stops
As I’m swept away by my mother’s morning prayer.
I push away
I look away
At the thrown away masks and the outfits
That led me so far astray
The music resumes and
My libido laments but
My mind’s recess rejoices,
Like a child popping bubbles.
You let out a sigh
I walk away.

Tales From Thermopylae: A Beautiful Lie

Inspiration from V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and Beautiful Lie by Hans Zimmer.
For the best experience, read the poem with Zimmer's song in background.
I remember that then rare rainy day
I was walking my mother across the avenue
I don’t expect you to have noticed
But it was the first time I saw you.
Tell me what you did feel from up there though
A united people braving the downpour together?
Or a mess of mindless insects
On funeral day, running helter skelter?
Was it the balance you bore with such ardour?
Or was it sword you held up high?
Perhaps the fact that you were blind
The symbolism just caught my eye.
Don’t dismiss it as mere infatuation
But I think I had fallen in love with you
It was an unusual type of admiration
“Mum, what is that statue?”
“That’s Lady Justine my boy
She looks out for all of us
Blinded by Father himself
Fair justice is served thus.”
Then in my heart, a mission was etched
Little did I know that it was all a beautiful lie
I was staring at you from under the umbrella
As if I’d just seen Superman soar across the sky.
So I trained throughout my teens to join your troops
To spread ‘Justine’s cause’ far and loud
I had earned my badge and Beretta
My mother was proud.
Do you remember your hand in mine?
As we stargazed into the silence of peace
I didn’t notice the jack booted man in the shadows
For lost in a dream I was and hoped that it wouldn’t cease.
But then the cracks of corruption were exposed
In their so called transparent world orders
The rage of rebellion came to claim the entire castle
But it was turned into a pile of cadavers.
Forced to choose my allegiance in this one sided war
Our patrols turned into predatory raids
The batons into stun guns and whips
Shamelessly, we played the innocent victim under our riot shield’s shade.
The storm rose and my comrades were brainwashed ready
They would now kill for their puppet master
My moral compass kept me grounded
But it’s needle grew stiffer and stiffer.
I could feel the puppet strings tug at my will
But they’d grow slack from my struggle
And then they snapped all at once
When I found my mother’s body under the rubble.
She must’ve been proud.
I saw your law for what it truly was
Lacerated by your sword like the skies on that rainy day
Pouring the dirty decadence
Trying to wash us all away.
I should’ve known you were only a symbol
A mascot for the mindless masses
You promised us a plaugeless Paradise
Only to lead us to a chamber of gases.
Can you see the ugly truth through your blindness?
Can you not hear people’s painful screams?
Or are you deaf as well?
Maybe too engaged in your sadistic schemes.
So I chucked my badge onto a frozen lake
And set myself on fire
Didn’t want to be part of your government’s game
But something didn’t want me gone
Something made me not perish to the flame
Someone needed me, a Phoenix reborn.
Now I stand in be middle of a common snowy day
The sudden hail buffets me across the avenue
It took you so long to notice
This is the last time I’ll be seeing you.
I would’ve faced your empire alone
If that’s what it takes
But just like you, I’ve found someone else
So looks like that’s not the case.
Actually, she found me
Pulled me out of my cowardly plasma
She licked away the ashes and she fanned
The embers with my mother’s tattered umbrella.
Don’t pretend like you’re not surprised
Don’t pretend like you don’t remember her face
You may have had her sent to the asylum
But your pedestal is her rightful place.
Scoff all you want at her cleavy corset
Judge heavily, her knowing pout
At least she’s what she is, no secrets
I’ll still never know what your innocent robes are about.
I may not command an android army
But I have her.
Justine, take off your blindfold
And look at your estranged sister
Say hello
Say hello to Anastasia.
Isn’t she beautiful?